Choose Skilled, Local St. Louis Area Dentists at Oakville Dental Practice, Oakville Dental Care

Choose Skilled, Local St. Louis Area Dentists at Oakville Dental Practice, Oakville Dental Care

The Best Dentists at a Local, Oakville Dental Practice Are Accepting Patients

A couple of the best dentists in Oakville, well, two of the best dentists in St. Louis County, and two of the best dentists near Jefferson County,  Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S., and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S., at Oakville Dental Care are currently accepting patients locally from Oakville, Mehlville, St. Louis, southern St. Louis County, Sappington, Affton, Lemay, Fenton, or patients from Crystal City, Arnold, Imperial, Festus, and other communities in Jefferson County, or our neighbors in Illinois are invited to set up a first visit and consultation.

Our dentists in Oakville, Missouri, at Oakville Dental Care provide full-service dentistry for adult patients and age-appropriate dental hygiene, education and instruction, and dental care for toddlers, kids and teenagers.  Dr. Guilfoy and Dr. Sindelar are local dentists with a local St. Louis dental practice that is conveniently located near major highways—our office is easy to get from Jefferson County, from southern St. Louis, southern St. Louis County, and we are just a short drive away for many adults of nearby Illinois towns and suburbs.

At Oakville Dental Care, you can rely on the skill and expertise of our dentists to find solutions for your dental problems.  Whether you need a dentist for basic dental care needs, general dental hygiene care, general dentistry, preventative dental care, or you are in need of more complex problems to resolve cosmetic issues, restoration work, dealing with a tooth infection and subsequent restoration work (Endodontic root canal), or you are ready to deal with dental misalignment problems that have been an issue for years to decades, we are here to provide solutions.  If you require Orthodontic dental care to resolve dental misalignment issues—we offer the completely customized, Invisalign® Clear Braces system—you can find affordable, discount Invisalign® in Oakville—or you need other permanent dental procedures such as implants or dentures, and other options to resolve your dental care needs, we can help.  Some of the other services that we offer include Endodontic root canals, implantation services, and other permanent procedures. Oakville Dental Care may just be the dentist’s office you need for yourself.

Contact Oakville Dental Care regarding questions about our patient dental services or to schedule a first dental appointment and consultation.  You may reach Oakville Dental Care’s at 314-635-9544. Adults may set up an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online for your convenience.

Dental Services Available at Your Local, Oakville Dental Practice, Oakville Dental Care

Our Saint Louis dentists are local dentists and have practiced locally for several years.  As local St. Louis metropolitan area dentists in Oakville, we offer expertise, options and convenience for people living throughout St. Louis, central and southern St. Louis County, from towns in Jefferson County, MO, or from communities on the Illinois-side of the region.

Our patient dental services include the basics to dealing with complex dental issues:

Schedule an Appointment with a Local, Oakville Dental Practice

If you need a dentist, then be sure to give our dentists in Oakville a try.  Oakville Dental Care is accepting patients from all over the southern St. Louis metropolitan region.  Oakville Dental Care is also a full-service dental office for adults and we provide dental care to younger members of the family as well.  Be sure to give us a try if you need an affordable and conveniently-located dentist’s office.

Contact Oakville Dental Care at 314-635-9544 in order to schedule your first dental visit and consultation, or call us to set up a follow-up appointment.  New adult patients and returning adult patients may schedule an appointment online with Oakville Dental Care as well.

We look forward to meeting new patients from neighboring communities.  Your local, Oakville dental practice is here to assist you with dental care and resolving long-term, adult dental problems.

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