Two of the Best Dentists near Jefferson County Communities Is Oakville Dental Care in St. Louis County

Two of the Best Dentists near Jefferson County Are at Oakville Dental Care in St. Louis County

Best Dentists near Jefferson County in Oakville, Missouri (St. Louis County) Accept New Patients

Oakville Dental Care, which is located just in southern St. Louis County, has two of the best dentists near Jefferson County for Arnold, Festus, Crystal City, Imperial or other nearby resident pf Saint Louis County.  Our locally-practicing dentists at Oakville Dental Care, are Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S., and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S.   They run a full-service dentist’s office for adults and offer age appropriate dental care for younger patients.

Oakville Dental Care is a dental practice offering a wide range of services to adult patients.  We also provide age-appropriate dental services for younger members of the family.  The staff here at the dentist’s office hope you will agree that we have two of the best cosmetic dentists in Oakville as well, namely Dr. Guilfoy and Dr. Sindelar.

Contact Oakville Dental Care about patient services or to set up your first dental appointment and consultation.  You may reach Oakville Dental Care’s, your dentists in Oakville, at 314-635-9544. Adults may schedule an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online.

Dental Care Available from Two of the Best Dentistry for St. Louis and Jefferson County Patients

Adults may take advantage of our full-service dentistry.  We offer a wide range of basic or General Dentistry Services, general dental hygiene care, and dental care options and procedures, preventative dental care options, and we provide patients with a range of temporary and permanent Cosmetic Dentistry Services: Cosmetic Dentistry for Saint Louis County residents, for St. Louis City residents, for Cosmetic Dentistry Jefferson County residents, for Illinois residents, or for any suburban residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area within easy driving distance.  We also offer a wide range of permanent Restorative Dentistry Services, many of which also offer cosmetic benefit.

At Oakville Dental Care, adult patients can rely on our dentists for expertise in dental care and solutions to many oral health problems.  One of the most annoying, and even painful dental misalignment problems.  Most adults have suffered through ears or decades of irritation, pain, headaches, TMD/TMJ or jaw joint misalignment with an individual problem as well as one that is associated with long-term dental misalignment without proper dental care.

We offer solutions.  The industry-standard replacement for conventional metal braces is the completely customized, progression of removable dental aligners used for average treatment periods of 12 months to 18 months for minor to substantial misaligned dentation.  The solution is progressive and continuous pressure, therefore as teeth move one of our two dentists will take measurements about once every two or three weeks.  This allows your dentist to custom-mold your next set of clear, low-profile, dental aligners for a progression of pressure and movement.  Over time this results in a better alignment, as indicated by your dentist’s best treatment judgment.  With needing to visit the dentist’s office frequently for follow-up appointments for new precision measurements and custom-molded aligners, made at the dentist’s office, you could use convenience and affordability—Oakville Dental are offers both including discount Invisalign® in Oakville.

Additional Service Options Available from Two of the Best Dentists near Jefferson County at Oakville Dental Care

Other major types of services include diagnosing, treating and resolving an infected tooth.  This of course is the dreaded Endodontic root canal!  If we can’t save your tooth, we can perform the extraction. Once we have salvaged as much of the tooth after resolving the infection, we can utilize a variety of composites, fillings, caps or other solutions to repair the tooth and to protect the remaining tooth from further damage. This requires restoration work, just like many cosmetic procedures, Orthodontics, and other restoration work is permanent.

Some of your other types of care from two of the best dentists near Jefferson County range from simple care to medical diagnostics and dental surgery.

Our Patient Dental Services include dental basics to advanced screenings or performing complex dental issues:

Schedule an Appointment with One of the Best Local Dentists near Jefferson County

If you are in need of a dentist, individually, or for the whole family, we would like to let you know that Oakville Dental Care is currently accepting patients from Jefferson County and from other towns or from nearby communities or neighborhoods. To schedule an appointment, you may give our dentist’s office a call at 314-635-9544, or visit our conveniently-located dentist’s office, or contact Oakville Dental Care.

New and returning dental patients may schedule an appointment online with Oakville Dental Care.

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