Customized, Discount Invisalign® for Saint Louis County Residents Is Available at Oakville Dental Care

Customized, Discount Invisalign® for Saint Louis County Residents Is Available at Oakville Dental Care

Dentists for Discount Invisalign® in Oakville (Saint Louis County, Missouri)

Any St. Louis area adults who are searching for reliable and experienced local dentists for general dental services, Preventative Care Services, Restorative Dentistry Services, Cosmetic Dentistry Services, or for discount Invisalign® Oakville, MO, or Saint Louis County, should visit Oakville Dental Care (314-635-9544) to learn more about your options for completely customized Orthodontic care.   Currently, Oakville Dental Care is accepting new patients.  As your affordable dentists in Oakville, we serve patients from Oakville, Mehlville and Lemay to residents living throughout Saint Louis County, Jefferson County and Illinois.  If you want resolve long-term dental alignment problems, Invisalign® Clear Braces are the industry standard replacement for conventional metal braces.  Your dentist will make completely customized Invisalign® Clear Braces from new measurements throughout your treatment regimen.  By using progressive, continuously modified custom molds, or clear removable aligners, your treatment regime is completely unique to each patient’s particular need at every step of the treatment course.

Contact Oakville Dental Carefor more information about discount Invisalign® for Saint Louis County patients or for patients from neighboring counties, or about any of our standard patient dental services.  Adults may schedule an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online for a first visit and consultation, or for a return or follow-up visit.  Although this particular Orthodontic treatment is for adults and some older teens, Oakville Dental Care does offer dental services for the entire family.

Oakville Dental Care Recommends Affordable Invisalign® Orthodontics to Treat Saint Louis County Adult Patients

Discount Invisalign® for Saint Louis County patients is available from the dentists at Oakville Dental Care. Invisalign® Clear Braces are our preferred Orthodontic method for treatment of long-term dental misalignment problems.  Since your Clear Braces are a completely custom treatment process, your new molds are made by your local dentist using new measurements of your dental realignment, and this is at every step of the process.  Adult patients who are interested in discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County should discuss your options with one of the dentists practicing at Oakville Dental Care.  Although Clear Braces can rectify most teeth misalignments and gaps, sometimes, other options may be your recommended treatment course.

We realize that many adults, particularly older patients, may still be intimidated about the possibility needing braces, specifically the older style metal braces from a couple of decades ago. Those days of metal braces are gone.  Our Orthodontic treatment starts with a discuss of each patient’s goals and expectations, a full review of your dental misalignment problems (upper and lower teeth), exacting measurements, and producing custom molds, or the low-profile, clear, removable aligners.

The Invisalign® Clear Braces system is progress sets of custom, removable aligners made by your dentist based upon periodic measurements.  By having new molds to continue the pressure on teeth, over an average treatment course of 12 months to 18 months in most cases, your dentist can modify both aligners or part one aligner as you progress through the realignment process.  Patients do need to visit your treating dentist about every two or three weeks in order to determine the progress and to take new measurements for your new set of aligners.  Your custom braces are incrementally changed based upon the visible movement of your teeth.  The goal of course is a more proper alignment, and the positioning as indicated and preferred, whenever feasible.

You low-profile, clear, removable aligners place continual pressure on your teeth.  Unlike conventional braces, you may remove aligners as needed.  Most patients remove the aligners to eat, drink, sleep, or even to perform other activities—old metal braces were never this convenient.  At every step of the realignment process, your dentist will make new custom molds based on aexacting, new measurements.  Additionally, your removable aligners also allow patients to perform daily dental hygiene tasks, which of course was difficult, complicated, and not terribly effective with old style convention braces.  Most adult patients will find that these custom aligners are a comfortable, low-profile and unobtrusive, and overall a convenient appliance that works!  In fact, most adults do not experience any pain, as was common with metal braces, wires and bands, but possible irritation from the pressure may be noticeable when new molds are used.  If you have any concerns, feel free to address your concerns with your dentist for discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County.

Each patient requires a different treatment option, or more specifically, each patient requires customization of Invisalign® Clear Braces in order to allow continuing, progressive, and ultimately effective treatment—and, keep in mind that most patients do notice the cosmetic benefits resulting from a properly performed Invisalign® Clear Braces treatment course.  You can learn more about Oakville Dental Care’s Cosmetic Dentistry Services or review our dental service pages on our website for details about Orthodontic treatment, about Invisalign® Clear Braces, about restoration procedures and other services.

Opt for a Local Dentist for Customization Service on Discount, Orthodontic Invisalign® in Saint Louis County

Besides the very popular option of discount Invisalign® for Saint Louis County adult patients, Oakville Dental Care, we would like to let you know that Oakville Dental Care is a full-service dentist’s office.  Our skilled, experienced, local St. Louis dentists, Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S., and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S., are accepting patients.  We want each patient to know that you can always discuss any dental issues that you have with either dentist, and we will gladly explain the importance of Orthodontic Invisalign® treatment as well as other procedures.  We hope that patients will always feel like they can discuss dental problems with us.

Oakville Dental Care offers patients a wide range of other treatment options including Preventative Care Services, permanent Restorative Dentistry Services (many procedures have tangible cosmetic benefits), permanent and temporary Cosmetic Dentistry Services, General Dentistry Services (dental hygiene services, cleanings, X-rays, diagnostics, exams, checkups, diagnosis of oral cancer, and other options), as well as a range of other services that may be involved in your Orthodontic treatment.  Depending on patient needs, we can always opt to perform other services before, during or after the treatment course of your discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County.  We can also offer restoration work and cosmetic procedures that can include permanent procedures such as composite fillings, dental bonding, dental crowns (several crown options with precision measurements and fitting), dental implants, partials or partial dentures, and implant dentures, cosmetic gum contouring, Inlays, Onlays, porcelain veneers, Endodontic root canals with the subsequent dental restoration work, or even some of the basics like cosmetic teeth whitening services.  Oakville Dental Care offers additional services, and we also provide services for toddlers, children and teenagers.

Visit Oakville Dental Care for Affordable, Discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County

So, if you are an adult and you are searching for experienced, local Saint Louis County dentists for Orthodontic Invisalign® in Saint Louis, then be sure to review our company website about this and other services.  You can find an affordable cosmetic dentist Oakville, MO, who will work with you during your entire treatment regimen utilizing custom-made Invisalign® Clear Braces to rectify long-term dental misalignment problems.

Oakville Dental Care offers adults and their family excellent and compassionate care.  Our dental services using Orthodontics are to rectify frequently decades of teeth misalignment problems, and our patients from throughout the entire Saint Louis metropolitan area will have a dentist with a local Saint Louis practice who will periodically measure and re-measure your new alignment and then your dentist will manufacture and fit you with new aligners until the misalignment problem is resolved, or resolved as best as can be expected from using this completely custom Orthodontic treatment course.

Whether you need a dentist for Orthodontics, or you need an affordable cosmetic dentist serving Affton residents, or an affordable cosmetic dentist for Saint Louis residents of Oakville, Mehlville, Lemay, Sappington, Marlborough, St. George, Concord, Fenton, Crestwood, Sunset Hills, or nearby in Jefferson County or Illinois, you can find a local practice that is conveniently located and able to service patients from throughout the metropolitan area.  You can have customized, affordable, discount Invisalign® from a Saint Louis County dentist who will work with you throughout the entire treatment process, which averages about 12 to 18 months depending on the individual patient’s situation.

Contact Oakville Dental Care today to set up an appointment.  You may call us in Oakville at 314-635-9544; or, feel free to schedule an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online.

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