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Oakville Dental Care Is an Affordable Dentist’s Office near Affton, Missouri (St. Louis County

Adults who are looking for affordable and skilled dentists in southern St. Louis County near can rely on local affordable dentist’s office near Affton in Oakville, MO—specifically, at Oakville Dental Care.   Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S. and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S., are your locally-practicing, affordable dentists in St. Louis, your affordable cosmetic dentists near Affton, and our dental practice is conveniently located in Oakville, and near Mehlville, Lemay, Affton, Sappington, Concord, Marlborough, St. George, and Oakville Dental Care has dentists near Columbia, Illinois, Shiloh, Belleville, Dupot, and other communities.   In fact, our staff here believes that our two dentists are two of the best dentists in Saint Louis County!  We also accept patients from all over St. Louis County, Jefferson County, the eastern metropolitan area, or anyone interested in driving to a dentist’s office that offers a wide range of dental procedures at affordable and competitive pricing, such as the completely customized, Orthodontic discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County.

Oakville Dental Care is accepting new patients.  We provide adults with full-service dentistry options, services and procedures.  We also provide age-appropriate service including dental education to children and teenagers.

New patients or returning may visit our dentist’s office, Oakville Dental Care, to set up an appointment, or you may contact Oakville Dental Care, or call us at 314-635-9544 as well to schedule your next appointment.  Since we like to make things easy, adults may schedule an appointment online with Oakville Dental Care—it is easy!

Full-Service Dentistry from an Affordable Dentist’s Office near Affton

Dr. Guilfoy and Dr. Sindelar at Oakville Dental Care accept new patients.  We offer full-service dentistry for adults and age-appropriate dental services for children and teenagers.  We want our patients to know that you may discuss dental problems that affect you physically or negatively affect your self-esteem.  Oakville Dental Care’s staff is available to help.

Oakville Dental Care offers several categories of dental care, procedures and services for adult patients.  We provide temporary and/or permanent dental procedures.  Our main service categories include: General Dentistry Services, Preventative Dental Care Services, permanent Restoration Dentistry Services, Orthodontics (specifically, the Invisalign® Clear Braces system), Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures performed by one of best cosmetic dentists in St. Louis.  We diagnose and treat gum disease, oral diseases, infected teeth with subsequent restoration (Endodontic root canals); and we try to salvage portions of teeth or the whole tooth whenever possible.  We provide a wide range of service from the basics in dental care to resolving quite complex dental situations.

Affordable Dentist’s Office near Affton Offers Additional Services

At Oakville Dental Care, the dentists and support staff provide a wide range of expertise and skill in specific procedures.  We also offer compassionate dental care as well.  From the basics to using advanced and state-of-the-art treatment options, we work diligently to help you find solutions to your dental problems that are affordable and preferable as well.  Many types of cosmetic procedures can provide restorative benefit, while many restoration procedures offer adult patients considerable cosmetic benefit as well.

Some of the additional dental services available from your affordable dentist’s office include: basic dental services, exams, check-ups, follow-up appointments, simple and complex procedures, diagnostics, diagnosis and treatment of oral health diseases, gum disease treatment options for Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease or other related diseases, diagnosis and treatment of infected teeth, and extractions if absolutely necessary.  We also provide many other treatment options for practical restoration benefit and/or cosmetic benefit.  Some of these procedures include:  dental crowns (opt for one-visit porcelain crowns fabricated using the advanced E4D system, all-ceramic crowns made using the Lava™ and e.max® system, or even gold crowns), dental implants/dental implantation, full sets of conventional dentures, partial dentures, or dental bridges, and related procedures such as composite fillings, dental bonding, Inlays, Onlays, or even porcelain veneers (Empress® porcelain veneers, or the thinner standard Emprethins™), temporary cosmetic teeth whitening services, teeth cleanings, cosmetic gum contouring using a diode laser, general dental hygiene services, other health screenings, and additional services as indicated by your dentist.

Affordable Dentist’s Office near Affton for Custom, Orthodontic Invisalign® Clear Braces

Your affordable dentist’s office near Affton has two dentists for the industry replacement for conventional metal braces.  This treatment protocol averages about a 12-month to 18-month treatment protocol that is completely customized at every point in the treatment course.  This Clear Braces system is a permanent procedure that can resolve other dental issues as well.  We use the custom, Invisalign® Clear Braces treatment regimen.  Invisalign® Clear Braces are available in Oakville at competitive pricing.  We can offer patients discount Invisalign® in Saint Louis County—just remember only prices are discounted, not the service.

Also, resolving dental misalignment problems can lead to practical solutions for many patients.  If you suffer from Tempro Mandibular Joint/Tempro Muscular Disorder (TMJ/TMD), which causes jaw-joint pain, severe headaches, muscle strain, jaw and facial muscles to tighten or even hurt, and other related issues.  Invisalign® Clear Braces can resolve long-term adult teeth misalignment in most mild to moderate cases, and resolving these issues can help with other problems a patient may experience.

>Visit an Affordable Dentist’s Office near Affton in St. Louis County

You are invited to visit us at Oakville Dental Care for general dentistry services, for simply resolved problems, or for more complex and restorative procedures.  Your family members including children and teenagers are welcome at our affordable dentist’s office near Affton, conveniently located near major highways in Oakville.  Most of the suburbs in southern St. Louis County, Jefferson County and in St. Clair and Monroe Counties in Illinois really are just a short drive away from our practice in Oakville.

Adults may contact Oakville Dental Care to set up a first visit and dental consultation, or returning patients may schedule follow-up visits or appointment dates for specific dental treatments, procedures, or other services.  We are pleased to let you know that our affordable dentists bring skill and expertise to resolve each patient’s individual dental situation.  We are here to provide dental care and also to provide patients with solutions for recent or long-term dental problems.

Adults may schedule an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online\ for yourself or for member(s) of your family, or you may call us at 314-635-9544 in order to set up an appointment.

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