St. Louis Teeth Whitening at Oakville Dental Care.

Affordable St. Louis Teeth Whitening at Oakville Dental Care

Experienced Dentists for St. Louis Teeth Whitening

St. Louis teeth whitening, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S., and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S., assist local dental patients with a range of dentistry solutions.  We are here to help. Oakville Dental Care (314) 635-9544, in Oakville, Missouri, (southeastern St. Louis County) offers full-service dentistry for our metropolitan area patients.  Our dentists offer cosmetic services and procedures including effective, at-home or in-office teeth whitening services.

Dr. Guilfoy and Dr. Sindelar are your affordable dentists in Oakville, MO.  We offer cosmetic services and restorative dental services to meet the demands of various age groups for our patients.  We offer solutions for dental issues.

Affordable, Effective St. Louis Teeth Whitening Options

Dental bleaching or teeth whitening for St. Louis area residents is available nearby from Oakville Dental Care.  We offer patients competitive pricing, professional, effective dental solutions, and services delivered by local, affordable cosmetic dentists in St. Louis.

Dental bleaching or teeth whitening is available by dentists in Oakville at your local dentist’s office.  We have treatment options for patients who chose the convenience of an at-home whitening solution, either teeth whitening option is safe, effective, and affordable.  The in-office version is a quicker procedure that offers a durable dental whitening option.

Your current service options for St. Louis teeth whitening are:

  • In-office whitening: we use a dental or teeth whitening system, the Opalescence® Boost treatment, which uses a bleaching agent combined with an activator to whiten teeth in only one hour; this option can whiten teeth up to four shades
  • At-home bleaching or at-home teeth whitening: we use the Opalescence® system for at-home use; the system is comprised of of custom-fitted trays and vials of a flavored bleaching gel with additional fluoride and potassium nitrate for reduce sensitivity; dental trays are worn during the day or overnight; results occur in about four to five days

Patients may just opt for teeth whitening in Oakville or St. Louis, for purely cosmetic reasons.

Contact Us for a Full-Service, St. Louis Teeth Whitening Dentist

Contact Oakville Dental Care to schedule a dental appointment, a consultation about St. Louis teeth whitening.  You can also set up procedures including teeth whitening near Columbia, Illinois, for specific dental problem(s) and treatment options.  Call us in Oakville at (314) 635-9544.

Oakville Dental Care strives to deliver professional, effective dental service options at competitive prices.  We can review the in-office teeth whitening and/or at-home teeth bleaching options, or cosmetic options.

Adults may schedule appointment online with Oakville Dental Care for general dental services, consultations or specific dental procedures.

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