Oakville Cosmetic Dentist’s Office Serves St. Louis Metropolitan Residents

Oakville Cosmetic Dentist’s Office Serves St. Louis Metropolitan Residents

Opt for an Experienced, Local Oakville Dentist for Service in St. Louis County

If you are searching for a well-qualified, experienced dentist for cosmetic procedures in St. Louis or southern St. Louis County, then opt for a local Oakville cosmetic dentist from the area, trained in Missouri, and practicing here for years.  In our opinion, two of the best cosmetic dentists in the entire St. Louis metropolitan area are practicing at Oakville Dental Care in Oakville, MO, and serving residents from all over the St. Louis regions including patients from Jefferson County and also from Illinois.  Dr. Jeffrey M. Sindelar, D.D.S., and Dr. Christopher J. Guilfoy, D.D.S., have extensive experience in general dentistry services, preventative dental services, cosmetic dentistry procedures, orthodontic options (e.g. Invisalign® Clear Braces), and restorative dentistry services—many of which offer cosmetic benefits, particularly for adults.

Oakville Dental Care serves residents of the city, the county, right here locally in Oakville, and nearby communities.  Dr. Sindelar and Dr. Guilfoy invite new patients to visit the office, schedule a consultation or first appointment for a variety of cosmetic dentistry options, or to contact Oakville Dental Care at 314-635-9544 to get an appointment.  New and returning patients may schedule an appointment with Oakville Dental Care online—the whole family is welcome at Oakville Dental Care!

Oakville Cosmetic Dentist for Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Restoration Services

Finding an experienced, affordable and local cosmetic dentist that takes the time to deal with your specific dental problems, even problems you have had the most of your life, can be a bit daunting.  Our dentists have experienced besides just general dentistry and cosmetic procedures.  Many dental techniques and procedures that have cosmetic applications or offer cosmetic benefits, may actually be restoration services other procedures with specialized methods.

Your Oakville cosmetic dentist at Oakville Dental Care offers advanced dental solutions and a variety of cosmetic procedures for adults.  We can assist you with determining solutions for long-term dental problems and offer advanced procedures.  Oakville Dental Care provides adult patients with full-service dentistry.  Each dentist has years of experience.

When you visit Oakville Dental Care, you can rely on expertise.  We offer cosmetic dental services including the latest in state-of-the-art procedures, and restorative dentistry services.  Our cosmetic and/or restorative dentistry services include using dental crowns—your options include: One-visit porcelain crowns made using the advanced E4D system, All-ceramic crowns fabricated utilizing the Lava™ and e.max® systems, and, also standard gold crowns.

We provide dental implants (from a single tooth to full implantation dentures sets of the lower and upper mouth), traditional dentures, full sets of dentures (upper and lower), partial dentures or dental bridges, or dental bonding, composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings, and even Endodontic root canals to salvage teeth from removal.

Oakville Dental Care prefers to use the industry-standard, and very popular Invisalign® Clear Braces system for our adult Orthodontics.  Clear Braces offer you complete customization of your treatment course and your custom molds or aligners are made locally at your Oakville dentist’s office.

Additional options for adults include other permanent restorations/cosmetic options.  We offer techniques such as including Onlays, Inlays, and tooth-colored bonding/composites/fillings/sealants as warranted.  We also offer dental patients cosmetic porcelain veneers, which are permanent applications—we offer Empress® porcelain veneers, and the thinner, standard Emprethins™.

A few other cosmetic procedures that are available from your Oakville cosmetic dentist include purely cosmetic procedures including gum contouring (evening-up your gum with a laser), teeth whitening services, general cleaning, care, and related dental hygiene services.

Oakville Cosmetic Dentists Offer a Range of Dentistry Expertise

Your Oakville cosmetic dentist provides a wide range of other dental services.  If you need assistance with the treatment of Tempro Mandibular Joint/Tempro Muscular Disorder (TMJ/TMD), or other jaw misalignment issues, or you need services including general exams, check-ups, dental hygiene services, digital x-rays, screenings, gum disease treatment, tooth extractions, various types of repairs, or even services for children and teens, then by all means, feel free to set up an appointment for any of these issues.

You can learn about all of Oakville Dental Care’s dentistry services as well as other pertinent information on our company website.

Oakville Cosmetic Dentists Serve Residents from Throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Your Oakville cosmetic dentist welcomes dental patient from throughout the St. Louis metropolitan region.  We perform cosmetic services for adults.  If you happen to live in the City of St. Louis, or St. Louis County suburbs including Oakville, Mehlville, Concord, Affton, Lemay, Sappington,  Marlborough, Sunset Hills, Crestwood, Fenton, or other suburbs, or in Jefferson County including Crystal City, Arnold, Festus, or Imperial, or you live in Illinois, feel free to learn more about our practice and services.

Dr. Sindelar or Dr. Guilfoy each has considerable experience in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics and restorative procedures.  Patients may always discuss any ongoing dental issues that are negatively impacting your life.  Be sure to discuss your expectations regarding any cosmetic or restorative dental procedures or other services with your dentist.

You may schedule an appointment with an Oakville cosmetic dentist by contacting Oakville Dental Care, or by scheduling an appointment online.  You can reach Oakville Dental Care by giving us a call at 314-635-9544.

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