Oral Health–Is it important to you?

Early on, I want to start you down what I feel to be the right path for oral health education. The first of many websites that come to mind is the Academy of General Dentistry (I’ll share more with you at a later point). Below, I am going to include a link to a Web page where you can navigate through great oral health topics, specific to age and gender. I know you’ll find it easy to read and full of great information.

Why should we start here? Because too often my new patients tell me that if they had only known, they would have…

In my office, our approach is a comprehensive one and prevention of health problems is our top priority. We deep clean teeth and gums, we fix cavities and cement crowns, do root canals and pull hopeless teeth when all hope is gone. We also inform and educate and by doing so avoid the bigger problems. Oral health is important, why is it important to you? I look forward to your questions and hope you can find some of your answers at the link to the Academy of General Dentistry.

– Dr. Sindelar

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