Dental Anxiety

Overcome your fear and enjoy good oral health!

If dental care has never been a positive experience for you, we'd like the opportunity to change that.

Dental anxiety is common. It is our duty to help you to feel at ease. This is a no judgement zone! We support our patients so they actually enjoy teeth cleanings and even procedures that help them feel more comfortable and confident in their everyday lives.

What you can expect.

Right away we want you to feel at ease with both your dentist and your treatment options.

That's why our dentists make it a priority to meet with every new patient in a separate consultation room so that you can freely ask questions or explain any concerns before ever sitting in the exam chair.

We take this first meeting very seriously and provide thorough answers, explanations and even visuals to help patients understand what to expect and calm their nerves.

Upon request, all patients are given the option to receive nitrous oxide, also know as laughing gas, at no additional charge ($75 value) to help with relaxation during cleanings or procedures.

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