Important Update Regarding Delta Dental

Dear patients,
We want to thank you for choosing Oakville Dental Care for all your dental needs. We are very proud of our community, the dedication of our team members, and the experience that we provide our patients. Being able to provide the best dental experience for every patient, every time, is our goal and why we enjoy practicing dentistry as much as we do. We hope that these efforts are seen and felt every visit into our practice.
We are writing today to let you know about a change in our participation status with your dental benefits company, Delta Dental. As of June 1, 2024, we will no longer participate with Delta Dental as an in-network, contracted provider.
This has been a tough, thought-out decision. We have been contracted with Delta Dental for a long time. Why this must occur is so we can work for YOU, our patients, and not work for the dental insurance company. In recent years, your cost of insurance premiums likely have increased dramatically, as we have seen increases in the cost of business, dental materials, technology, and cost of living for our team members. Despite these increases, Delta Dental’s reimbursements have decreased and their policies do not appear to have a true interest in your oral health. At this point, we are unable to remain contracted with Delta Dental.
We want you to understand that we are still able to submit and process claims for our Delta Dental patients and you are not required to find a new dental office. This means that we are still able to remain your dentists as out-of-network providers. Here is how your dental benefits will be different in our office moving forward:
  • Delta Dental will send insurance checks directly to you instead of to our office. They call this Assignment of Benefits. Delta Dental will only assign dental benefits to you. This means you will have to pay for your dental visit in full at our office, and Delta will send you a check in the mail for Delta Dental’s contribution for your treatment within 1-2 weeks. You still get to use your insurance; you pay us up front since Delta won’t send us any checks.
  • You will likely receive a letter from Delta Dental that encourages you to see another provider. That is false! Your dentist is your choice; please know that our decision to become unrestricted dentists is to be able to make treatment decisions that are right for OUR PATIENTS and their health outcomes, not for an insurance company’s financial outcomes. If you want to stay with an in-network provider, we understand! We can send your most recent records to another practice for you.
How do you receive your dental insurance? If you do not receive your benefits through your employer or you personally go to the marketplace or a broker, we have another option for you: SMILE ADVANTAGE. We have set up our dental membership plan with you in mind, providing discounts on dental care for those who don’t have insurance or are looking for a better alternative to dental insurance. More information can be found on our website at:
Providing the best dental experience for every patient, every time, is why we care for our patients like family.
YOU are important to us. Our commitment to you and our team will never change.
We respect each and every one of your decisions, and we’re here to help you along the way.
Thank you for your loyalty, faith, and trust in Oakville Dental Care.
Drs. Sindelar, Guilfoy, Azar, and the Team at Oakville Dental Care

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